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Gdańsk Community Foundation was established as an independent civil initiative by a Gdańsk entrepreneur Mr. Andrzej Stelmasiewicz in 2007.

The Foundation’s mission is to support development of local community based on culture, art and education as well as to cooperate with partners [art galleries, art schools and NGO’s] involved in their local communities’ development in other European cities.

The Foundation runs (1) Warzywniak Art Gallery, (2) One Piece of Art Gallery and (3) e66 Centre offering studios to young artists. The Foundation organized many cultural and artistic events, including but not limited to Festival of Gdańsk Lions (exhibition of lion figures in Gdańsk streets, painted by local artists), Festivals of Sand Sculptures, TUTART Local Art Festival and Open-air Kashubian Stones Sculpture Symposiums.

The current most important projects include: (1) CROSSROADS OF FREEDOM, International Festival of Spatial Forms, (2) International Ex Libris and Small Graphic Forms Competition, (3) Oliwa Academy of Art, (4) Academy of Gdańsk Lion Cubs [educational project for 7000 children of I-III grade primary schools annually].

The Foundation has published many books, including “Spatial Forms. Gdańsk. Gdynia”, “Crossroads of Freedom 2012”, "Sculptures of Kashubian Stones. 1974-2007-2009", “Ex Libris >Gdańsk Lions<", “The Spirit of Gdańsk Architecture in Ex Libris", “Lions in European Heraldry and Art" and (for children): “Leo, Leo and Lions”, “Leo, Leo and the Sea”.


Gdańsk Community Foundation welcomes co-operation of all NGO’s, art galleries and art education institutions from Poland and abroad sharing its mission.

Mr. Andrzej Stelmasiewicz
mobile: +48 601 622 222

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Fundacja Wspólnota Gdańska
Przestrzeń Sztuki WL4
2017.02.01 - 2017.12.31
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Fundacja Wspólnota Gdańska
Wielkie zdjęcie Oliwian!
2017.06.19 - 2017.07.31
Fundacja Wspólnota Gdańska
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